Berlin: Schloss Charlottenburg


Originally built in 1695-1713 for the Prussian Queen, Sophie Charlotte, and expanded by Frederick the Great in 1740-1742, this very pretty palace and gardens can eat up a whole day. You do end up with a feeling of excess though, seeing rooms like this…..


…..and possessions beyond the means of most people on the planet.


When it all gets a bit too much, retreat to the cafe in the Kleine Orangerie for lunch and beer. John took loads of photographs – if you want to see any more they are in his Berlin Photo Journal.


  1. I loved Charlottenburg – it was so ornate but must have cost a fortune to rebuild after the war as you say. I do love wandering round these grand palaces though so I’m glad they did rebuild it! Didn’t have much time for the gardens though so maybe next time ….


  2. I recently went to Schloss Charlottenburg with a friend who lives in the area but only to stroll around the grounds. I was fascinated to find out from her that some of the ‘windows’ are actually painted on rather than glass panels. I’m determined to go back to see the interior.


    • I didn’t know about the windows, but I know much of the palace was rebuilt after the war so all is definitely not as it seems. I wonder at the priorities really, how much would all that recreation cost.


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