S is for Shanghai

Shanghai was another of the Chinese cities we visited in 2006 – see also C is for Chengdu. We stayed on the super-modern Pudong side of the river with good views over to the Bund, with its European architecture, and also visited the old Chinese areas and the former home of Zhou Enlai (first Premier of the People’s Republic) in the French Concession. Truly a city of contrasts.


  1. Never been to Shanghai – but I really would like to visit.. Your post reminded me on that – seems you like it and the pictures are great too.. *sigh* one day…:-)


  2. I can;t imagine having so many different adventures…ours are to the same places over and over, but still fun!


  3. I’ve spent exactly one night in Shanghai, which was not on my agenda. Rode a bus, lots of spitting, the hotel was below standard. Not the best experience…So! Yes, I have to go back.


    • Hmm, have experienced spitting elsewhere, but not Shanghai. There seemed to be a lot of Chinese tourists, some of whom obviously weren’t used to westerners. It’s the only place I’ve been asked to have my photo taken with complete strangers.


  4. Shanghai always had a grip on me to visit because of its history and not the nice kind. I am speaking of people who got shanghaied (Spelling??) The modern with their own world and the European influence-quite eclectic


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