Standin’ on the corner of Winslow, Arizona…

Our next stop was Winslow, via the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert – remnants of 225 million years ago when Arizona was a swamp. Minerals in the water seeped through fallen trees and turned them to stone as well as giving the landscape its distinctive colours.

There’s not much to Winslow – it’s a place that’s managed to build a tourist reputation out of a brief mention in a song! In Take it easy the Eagles sing about “standin’ on the corner of Winslow, Arizona” and the town has immortalised this with a mural and a statue. These take about ten seconds to look at – however, the real reason we stayed there was to experience La Posada, one of the Southwest’s historic railroad hotels, and its wonderful restaurant, the Turquoise Room. After a couple of weeks of Navajo fry bread, this was a culinary highlight. The year we were there, 2009, it was rated as one of the top three restaurants in the U.S. in the Conde Naste Gold List. Yum!


  1. I probably will have to go here eventually because Take it Easy is one of my favourite Eagles songs. Who is the statue meant to be though? A random hitchhiker? It doesn’t quite look like either Glenn Frey or Jackson Browne who I believe co-wrote the song. Beautiful scenery nonetheless!


  2. The painted desert is so beautiful but there is no way I could get my husband to Winslow. He really, really hates the Eagles. Glad to hear that the food lived up to it’s reputation.


    • It was The Posada that drew us – and I do think it’s clever how the town has made something out of very little! But definitely somewhere to drop in if you’re passing that way rather than a major destination.


  3. OK-too funny how this town tries to be a main attraction. I always wanted to see the Petrified Forest. The pictures here are so neat. It looks like salt. Would you say the meal is one of the best?


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