The Antonine Wall

Say “Roman Wall” and most people will think of Hadrian – but did you know there was also an Antonine Wall? Built in the AD 140s for Emperor Antonius Pius, it runs across Central Scotland from the Clyde to the Forth and, for a generation, was the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire.

Recently, we did a circular walk (find it on the Walk Highlands site) which took in parts of the wall, including two hill forts, and the Forth and Clyde canal. We parked in Auchinstarry Quarry, near Kilsyth, which is now a park popular with climbers, and set off along the canal.

At Twechar, we crossed the canal and climbed Bar Hill with clear remains of a Roman Fort, including its bath-house.

Climbing further, we reached the white trig point on Castle Hill which is the site of an even earlier Iron Age fort. From here, you can see the wall and its ditch very clearly.

After descending, we crossed a road and started climbing again – this time Croy Hill. There was a fort here too, but it’s not so obvious. If you click on the second picture to enlarge, you can see in the distance the rock walls of Auchinstarry Quarry on the right and Auchinstarry Canal Basin on the left.

Finally, we descended back to the canal. As we approached the Basin, several barges were on view – including one (top right) for sale! I think I’ll pass. When we arrived back at our car, the climbers were still scaling the walls. I’ll pass on that too.

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