Gallus Glasgow C: Curry

Some years ago, my husband visited Delhi on business. He was invited to his host’s home for dinner, and when the forthcoming dessert was described John said “That sounds like gulab jamun.” Astonishment! How could he possibly know that? Well, he had eaten it in restaurants at home – again, this caused surprise. We had Indian restaurants in Glasgow? How many – maybe three? “Sometimes three per street” came the reply. And here is the proof – I give you C for Curry, but also C for Candleriggs* with its three Indian restaurants, Dahkin, Dhabba and KoolBa. (Some of the delicious food from Koolba is illustrated above.) And if you turn the corner onto Trongate, there’s another C right there: Charcoals.

You can’t beat a Glasgow curry – don’t visit without trying one! That wouldn’t be gallus.

*Candleriggs was historically the area of the old city of Glasgow where candle-makers plied their trade.

Tomorrow we have a double D. I’m not talking lingerie or Donald Duck, but one of those is half way there….


  1. While in China I spilled yellow curry all over my white pants. The pants went into the trash, and I’ve hated curry ever since! But you’ve made it sound wonderful…maybe I’ll give it another chance…


  2. I love curries but I’m more familiar with Thai food than Indian. Minneapolis doesn’t have very many Indian restaurants and the ones we have tend to be expensive. We have quite a few East African restaurants (about 1/3 of Somali immigrants to the US live in Minnesota) and Thai or Vietnam restaurants ( we rank 2nd in states as far as the number of Hmong immigrants). At least in Minneapolis, the people living here from India usually came here for grad school and stayed.


    • Yes, a lot depends on immigration patterns. We’ve noticed in the States Indian restaurants can be considered “special” and therefore expensive and glammed up. Curry is still a relatively cheap option here.


  3. OK you made me hungry! It’s so cool to visit a place and get Indian food in a place I never thought one would…ok I am stretching this sentence but you know what I mean:) I like that the street was for candle making businesses before.


  4. I prefer Thai curries over Indian curries, but have had some great curries in the UK. It has a long and popular history there! Apparently there are rumours that Worcestershire Sauce (which I love) was originally a failed attempt at a curry!


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