Gallus Glasgow F: the Fossil Grove

Fossil Grove
Fossil Grove

The Fossil Grove is Glasgow’s most ancient attraction. Tucked away in a corner of Victoria Park, and only open for viewing in the summer, the fossilised tree stumps were discovered in 1887 when an old quarry was being landscaped to create the park. They are the remains of an ancient forest which is around 330 million years old – twice as old as the dinosaurs!

The park, in the west of the city, is one of Glasgow’s prettiest, especially in springtime.  That’s a pure gallus swan, that is.

Tomorrow, we visit an area of the city centre with hills on every side.



  1. Lovely gardens…I saw dino tracks on vacation and thought they were old! The tracks, like the fossilized tree trunks, are in a protected building. It makes sense for preservation purposes.