Gallus Glasgow O: Oran Mor

Another converted church – this time the former Kelvinside Parish Church. (One of our friends refuses to step into it, because it’s where he went to Sunday School.) Òran Mór is Gaelic for great melody of life or big song, which sums up its current role as a centre for arts and entertainment. It’s also a pub and a restaurant and, as our nearest music venue, is somewhere we visit quite a lot. Here’s Joan as Policewoman for example:

Another speciality is A Play a Pie and a Pint – a fabulous lunchtime theatre series which I visit with friends about once a month, followed by coffee and people-watching in the bar. It celebrated its tenth anniversary last year – long may it continue!

We’re still on stage tomorrow with the letter P.


  1. Like others, I was immediately drawn to the purple ring. I was actually thinking of it as a halo since it was on a church. 🙂 I’ve never seen anything like it!


  2. I love the purple ring around the steeple! It sounds like a fantastic place and blessed with good vibes (I hope!) from being filled with prayers as a church.

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