3 Day Quote #3: Dad

John Mitchell 1929-2015
John Mitchell 1929-2015

To a father growing old, nothing is dearer than a daughter. -Euripides, playwright (c. 480-406 BCE)

I subscribe to Anu Garg’s A.Word.A.Day email – every day a new word defined with examples of usage and a (usually unrelated) quote at the end. This one jumped out at me on 15th June. Why? A couple of weeks before, on 31st May, my dear Dad died and I hoped the quote was true. I wanted to pay tribute to him on this blog somehow, and La Sabrosona‘s challenge allows me to do that.

Dad would have been 86 on July 3rd and had been a minister and a preacher for over 60 years. When he gave up preaching a few years ago I started a blog with him, and to mark his birthday I posted his obituary, as written by his friend and colleague Wes Blakey. If you want to know more, head over to John Mitchell – called and sent. But this IS a travel blog, so I thought I’d celebrate Dad’s life with some childhood photos of us having fun at the seaside and in the country. I’m the big sister. And check out our Harry Potter-style Ford Anglia! I can still remember its registration, 823 LPP.

So thank you once again to La Sabrosona for her nomination. I find that these challenges can be valuable if they make you think. They can encourage you to post something you wouldn’t normally write about, or maybe to tackle a subject from a slightly different angle. However, as before, I’m not passing the nomination on to specific bloggers although I encourage anyone who has quotes to share to take part. You are all stars!


  1. I love this post and those wonderful photos; what a wonderful tribute to your Dad. I’m sorry for your loss and now that you must be still grieving.
    I particularly like the beach photo where your Dad is holding yours and your brother’s hands. It is really, really evocative.


    • Yes, we all still miss my dad. I love these pictures too. It’s noticeable that we have more good pictures of us with dad than with mum – she was definitely the better photographer – so there was a lot to choose from. The one you like could easily be posed (though it isn’t) it’s so well composed. I also love that dad just rolls his trousers up and goes paddling in his jacket and tie – no concept of leisure-wear there. But, by the way, my “brother” is actually my sister! Short hair and shorts, an easy mistake.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dad Anabel, hope you and your family are ok. I love your pictures, there is something so nostalgic about old black and white photos, modern day pictures digital just cannot compete!