Meikle Bin

Meikle Bin is a small(ish) hill (397m)Β 20 miles or so north of Glasgow which we’d never climbed until recently. It’s a 10k round trip, so what did we need to fortify us first? Lunch! The Culcreuch Castle Hotel did us proud and we had a wee wander round the grounds before embarking on the main walk. This was the end of September, so the trees were just beginning to turn.

The hill climb started at the north end of the Carron Valley Reservoir, and followed a forestry track.

Carron Valley Reservoir
Carron Valley Reservoir

Soon, we crossed the Carron River and Meikle Bin came into view.

Once clear of the trees, the path became boggy and it was a short, steep climb to the top – though it wasn’t a clear enough day for really great views.

The best way down is just to retrace your steps, which we did, taking a little longer to look at details – and I couldn’t resist walking along the reservoir wall (and managed not to fall in.)

I’m linking this post to Jo’s Monday Walks. If you’re suffering, as I am, torrential rain at the moment, pop over there for some blue skies and sunshine.



  1. So sorry, Annabel! I’m sure I left a comment asking the origin of the name, but it doesn’t appear here. I did it on my phone and I’m not so proficient on there. Maybe I’m lurking in your spam? Thanks anyway! I did enjoy your company, as always. πŸ™‚


  2. We have quite a variety of wild mushrooms where I live (city). The kids and I went mushroom hunting last fall; lots of fun. No mud fights for you and John?