#ThrowbackThursday: 2007

When I was looking for photographs to illustrate my recent posts on our Canadian Rockies trip of 2007, I came across these pictures from just after we came home. I’d forgotten about turning up to Aberdour Castle and discovering a falconry display was about to happen. I look ever so slightly nervous about that beak!

We also visited Castle Campbell on what seems to have been a lovely early autumn day.

We had a weekend in Newcastle-upon-Tyne so that I could attend a school reunion. The Quayside has improved enormously in the years decades since I was a teenager.

That 3-button cardigan makes me laugh – I wouldn’t mind betting someone reading this owned a similar one. Marks and Spencer sold them for months, though varying the colour-schemes quite regularly. We more or less had to have a cardigan rota at work to avoid wearing them on the same day.

I also saw the Angel of the North close up for the first, and so far only, time. I think it’s really impressive, though I know it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Angel of the North

I’d forgotten the two castle visits – we visit castles all the time – but I remember the reunion very clearly. I’m only in touch with one friend from those days but it was amazing how easy it was to chat to the others, even if I hadn’t seen them since the mid-1970s. I met the teacher in the photograph below too – I wonder if you can find me?

Rutherford 1971


  1. I couldn’t work out which one was you Anabel – glad you told us! I would never be game to put my old school photos up – I had a horrible perm in the sixth form was the fashion back then for some reason!!


    • Oh, I remember that fashion! There are definitely photos I wouldn’t post either, but this one was just about acceptable. I was growing my hair, it looked better in the next one but that was a different school.

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  2. Oh memories 🙂 Many students don’t want these pictures. They don’t realize how fun it is to look at them after 40-50 years 🙂
    Love the Castle Campbell picture. What a place!


  3. Happy days and a smiley teacher! 🙂 We had a reunion many years back. They must have been fashionable. Not unlike those cardies 🙂 You did make me smile with the idea of a rota, and no, I didn’t buy one.


  4. If you hadn’t given it away, I could have got it right and everybody would have been impressed!! And I confess to being the person who still has a very similar cardigan.


  5. Hi Anabel – we’ve just had a reunion for five of us … we revisited the school, and our house where we boarded – which is now the preparatory school.

    Wonderful autumn shots – and a great treat to be able to try some falconry … The Angle of the North always amazes – I’ve dashed past it … but not stopped to look.

    Cheers Hilary


  6. Wow what a huge sculpture! I was just reading about it, and the symbolism is quite interesting. I had to smile about the 3 button cardigan. Never saw one before, but if I’d had one, I’d have been always wanting to do up that 4th button. 🙂


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