#ThrowbackThursday: 2007

When I was looking for photographs to illustrate my recent posts on our Canadian Rockies trip of 2007, I came across these pictures from just after we came home. I’d forgotten about turning up to Aberdour Castle and discovering a falconry display was about to happen. I look ever so slightly nervous about that beak!

We also visited Castle Campbell on what seems to have been a lovely early autumn day.

We had a weekend in Newcastle-upon-Tyne so that I could attend a school reunion. The Quayside has improved enormously in the years decades since I was a teenager.

That 3-button cardigan makes me laugh – I wouldn’t mind betting someone reading this owned a similar one. Marks and Spencer sold them for months, though varying the colour-schemes quite regularly. We more or less had to have a cardigan rota at work to avoid wearing them on the same day.

I also saw the Angel of the North close up for the first, and so far only, time. I think it’s really impressive, though I know it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Angel of the North

I’d forgotten the two castle visits – we visit castles all the time – but I remember the reunion very clearly. I’m only in touch with one friend from those days but it was amazing how easy it was to chat to the others, even if I hadn’t seen them since the mid-1970s. I met the teacher in the photograph below too – I wonder if you can find me?

Rutherford 1971


  1. I had a cardy like that in various shades of deep pink, I loved it and wore it for years. Actually I think they made a version of it for 2 or 3 years rather than months. You can still find them in the charity shops now!


  2. I missed this one(mom problems). Love the falcons and the little one is cute looking. Love the picture of the castle! I have no idea which one you are but I read the comments and found out. Too bad kids don’t wear uniforms in every school!


    • Uniforms are less common these days. I don’t have the tie, but I still have my school scarf (red, black and grey stripes) – unless the moths have got it since I last looked.