Postcard from Toronto

Toronto from Ward's Island
Toronto from Ward’s Island

Well – not exactly a postcard from Toronto, because we arrived home last night, but a holding post until I get time to write up our visit in full. We had an amazing time, not only sight-seeing but also meeting old friends from Glasgow and meeting online friends in person. It was a pleasure to spend time with Jill of My Spanglish Familia

Anabel and Jill
Anabel and Jill

– and Birgit, and her husband Michael, from BB Creations.

Birgit, Anabel and Michael
Birgit, Anabel and Michael

To be continued…..


  1. Good luck with your write up- I know you’ll do better than me. My only ( but valid )excuse is that I have been with my new grandson in Geneva for a month. I also suspect your husband does all the photo editing?? Looking forward to reading about your travels.


    • I have one ready to go tomorrow – after that, who knows? John takes the pictures (mostly) but I retrieve them from the camera and do everything else. Of course, when he retires (if ever) he can take that over! Hope you are enjoying the new grandchild (well, of course, I know you are.)

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    • Maybe! This is a wonderful network. At the moment I have one more Toronto post just about done but have hit a “no time for blogging” phase with so many other things going on. I get slight withdrawal symptoms though……

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      • I hear you! We are crazy busy here getting ready to leave and I have one more post to write before we throw off the dock lines. Not sure how that is going to happen..I may be posting ‘April’ in ‘May’ 🙂

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