Postcard from Toronto

Toronto from Ward's Island
Toronto from Ward’s Island

Well – not exactly a postcard from Toronto, because we arrived home last night, but a holding post until I get time to write up our visit in full. We had an amazing time, not only sight-seeing but also meeting old friends from Glasgow and meeting online friends in person. It was a pleasure to spend time with Jill of My Spanglish Familia

Anabel and Jill
Anabel and Jill

– and Birgit, and her husband Michael, from BB Creations.

Birgit, Anabel and Michael
Birgit, Anabel and Michael

To be continued…..


  1. Glad you made it home safe and sound. We had a wonderful time meeting up with you last Wednesday. I hope to send you some pictures this coming week. Sorry for the delay and so glad you had a great time. BTW?..the cookies were gone that evening:)


  2. It was so lovely to have met you and John! I’m grateful that you took the time out to meet up; definitely a special 2016 moment!


  3. Nice pics of the skyline of Toronto. We lived there for 25 years (before moving to Paris and then to Montreal) and absolutely love the city. It is dynamic and full of interesting things. Glad you enjoyed your visit and looking forward to seeing more of your pictures.


    • Thank you! It seems to be one of those places where some of the land has been reclaimed as the street called Esplanade was a long way back from the lakeshore. Maybe you find that even more disquieting!


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