Dun Dubh

Dun Dubh
Dun Dubh

Imagine waking up to this view every morning! The lucky owners of Ben Dubh do exactly that – admittedly, not usually with such brilliant blues, but this is Scotland. Ben Dubh (pronounced Doo) is a private house which opens its garden once a year to raise funds for charity as part of Scotland’s Gardens. That’s when the rest of us get to share the view of Loch Ard and Ben Lomond beyond.

The garden is late Victorian and comprises six terraced acres running down to the loch. I think the best thing I can do is just shut up and show you the pictures.

Beautiful at it is, I’m not sure I’d actually like to live there. The last time we visited Loch Ard was December when the road flooded and we got cut off. I think I’ll stick to city living for now.

I’m linking this post to Jude’s Garden Challenge – for June, she is looking for the essence of summer. Strictly speaking, this doesn’t qualify as it was May but, hey, in Scotland we take summer when we can and sometimes May and September are our best months. I don’t think, in any case, you can get more summery than blue skies and sun glinting on the water! Click through to Jude’s blog to see her beautiful garden photography and other people’s summer selections in the comments.


  1. Just another little shack with a tiny garden surrounding it, with no view at all. lol Stunning, just stunning! Although December sounds like a problem. Theres always a downside! Amazing place Anabel, I would love to visit.


  2. This is beautiful! I love the path with the steps and the other green grass path. We went on a garden show in Niagara on the Lake a couple of weeks ago. How big was this garden? It looks like it would be over an acre for sure


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