Glasgow Gallivanting: July 2017

Over the last few months, I’ve been taking part in a project at Glasgow Women’s Library to research the women associated with the Belvidere Fever Hospital in the East End of Glasgow around the time of the First World War. There isn’t much detail in the records, so the idea was to use our imaginations to create a series of dramatic monologues around our chosen women. On the 4th of July, this came to fruition with a performance and a book, both called Voices from the Belvidere, bringing to life fascinating stories of laundry maids who ran away, nurses who caught fever after fever, and the rare women doctors who followed their calling against all odds. My contribution was called The Zombie Ward: some day, with more time, I might tell you its story. In the meantime, here’s my protagonist, Nurse Watt, who caught my eye smiling in the centre of the picture above.

Happy birthday to me!

60th birthday in Jasper

My birthday is in July, and 2017 was a big one. 60! I can’t quite believe it. I celebrated on vacation in Canada, and here I am with some of my cards – from the three people who managed to send one in advance, and John who made me stand outside a shop in Canmore, Alberta, while he selected his.

Lake Louise

As I spent most of July in the Canadian Rockies, including Lake Louise as seen above, and I intend to blog much more about that later, it doesn’t leave a great deal of Glasgow Gallivanting to write about. So that’s it for this month – except to say that I hope you’ve had a great July too.


  1. Happy Birthday, Anabel! I look forward to reading your post about your travels in the Canadian Rockies! I’d also LOVE to read your story about the Zombie Ward!!


  2. Congratulations on the 60th and what a lovely way to celebrate – hopping over the pond and enjoying the Rockies … an amazing part of the world. Been once and would love to visit again … and yes I can see the two birthday syndrome arriving … lovely. The story line at the Library must have been a fun project to be involved in … many Scots travelled west away from their homeland. Cheers Hilary


  3. Happy 60th birthday! And I think a vacation in Canada is a wonderful way to celebrate, even if you don’t get many cards. (I’m turning 60 next year, and might have to steal your idea. I’ve never been to Canada!)