Drumheller to Brooks

Last Chance Saloon, Wayne

All good things come to an end, and it was time to set off for the last stop of our trip: the small town of Brooks. However, we took in a few more sights around the Drumheller area before we left.

The Hoodoos

These weird, mushroom-like rocks have been naturally eroded over thousands of years. They are beautiful, but we felt the local tourist maps over-hyped them – it’s a very small site and, well, we’ve been to Bryce Canyon.

Atlas Mine

This whole area was once a prosperous coal-mining community, and one mine, Atlas, has been preserved as a National Historic Site. I found this much more interesting than I expected and we spent a couple of hours wandering around and riding the coal train.

Star Mine Suspension Bridge

I’m letting the picture above do the explanations for me! Here’s proof that we crossed the bridge:

Last Chance Saloon

For lunch, we headed up a side road to Wayne, home of the Last Chance Saloon. A short stretch of road (6km) had 11 bridges as it crossed and re-crossed the winding Rosebud River. You can see the saloon exterior at the top of the post and below is the interior, packed with quirky memorabilia. I can’t remember what we ate: I think it was basic pub food such as burgers and wraps, but we were too busy looking at our surroundings to take much notice.


From Wayne, a gravel road took us onto Highway 56 and then to Brooks. There’s not much to it as a place, although we were thrilled to find an Indian restaurant near our hotel – curry is something we always miss when away from home, and we seek it out whenever we can. Our evening stroll also brought us to some attractive murals.

So why did we stay in Brooks? It was close to somewhere I was very keen to visit – Dinosaur Provincial Park, where many of the fossils we had seen in Drumheller were found. Coming up soon!


  1. I find it intriguing;g how people lived in such a small room but, when one thinks about it, we don’t need much. Those mushroom style rock formations are pretty cool actually.


  2. Wonderful photos, Anabel, and the weather was lovely. I can see why you were not impressed by those hoodoos. Bryce Canyon was quite something else! Hoping to post a blog about it this Saturday. The Last Chance Saloon seemed popular with the bikers. It looks intriguing!


    • There is that! We went to this one both nights we were so keen. Greeted the server with big smiles the second time and she appeared never to have seen us before, despite the restaurant being quiet on both occasions. So warm, friendly service wasn’t a strong point but the food was good.

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  3. This is the 2nd time this morning I’ve read a reference to the Hoodoos. Judging by the photo with the parking lot in the background, they are huge. I’m assuming they are all fenced off and you can’t walk around them?


    • Some of them are huge and the central area is fenced off but there is an open, less spectacular, area that people were walking on (and kids were loving). Although impressive individually it’s quite a small area overall though, we didn’t spend long there.

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