Amsterdam: the canals

I’m sure in any game of word association, the first thing to spring to mind for Amsterdam would be “canals”. Here are a few of my favourite canal scenes, offered without commentary, from our most recent visit in May.

This was our eighth stay in the city, but it was different from the others in two ways. One, we had never been at this time of year so hadn’t experienced Amsterdam in warm sunshine before, and two, we weren’t alone – we were accompanied by our friends Valerie and Kenn. They had only made one half-day visit to Amsterdam many years ago, so naturally we were pleased it was looking its best for them.

As it doesn’t seem that long since I wrote up our last trip, I’ve decided to do shorter, thematic posts this time, of which this is the first. The others are:


  1. oh these are beautiful. Stunning shots and remind me of my first and only time in Amsterdam. It is glorious in the summer months.

    Hope you are well. Sorry not been in touch for ages. Lost control of the ‘to do’ list!


  2. Beautiful place! Beautiful photos!
    I am somewhat embarrassed that I totally failed your word association game. My first choice was “drug”, and my second was “Van Gogh” (or Museum”) . Ha ha.
    Have a great day.


  3. Those canals look so inviting! My husband and I are really hoping to go on a river cruise next year that will either begin or end in Amsterdam. If we do, I want to spend a couple of extra days there, touring the area. Especially the canals!


  4. Beautiful photos of the canals, Anabel. You transported me back to Amsterdam. I love visiting Europe in May. The weather is always kind of hit-or-miss, but May has surprised me in a good way; that blue sky is hard to beat!


  5. This makes me want to go back right now! Love your photos and the weather looks like it was perfect. I hope it was not too hot but, who cares, you were in Amsterdam with friends.


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