January Light: churches

Two churches in Glasgow’s West End, both with spectacular floodlight. Above, Wellington Church (Thomas Lennox Watson, 1883-4) with its splendid Corinthian columns. Below, Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church (James Sellar, 1876) modelled on the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris.

Linked to Becky’s January Squares challenge – words ending in light.


  1. I have no problem with floodlighting beautiful buildings or statues; rather use the energy for that than for some of the useless purposes I see otherwise. Maybe put a ban on office buildings and shops wasting energy. My local council re-did our street lighting and now I can hardly see my way home at night as they’ve replaced our own perfect lighting with ‘saver’ bulbs which have no radius and only serve to pinpoint an area. If you persuade yours to do something, make sure the bulbs are fit for purpose. Lovely pix by the way.