April Squares: Budapest

From our spring break in Budapest in 2017, here’s John on top of the world above the Danube. We’re climbing Gellért-hegy (Gellért Hill) which is topped by the Liberation Monument. I bet we’d all like to have a spring break this year. Hang on in there!

Read more in my post Budapest: Gellért-hegy.

Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops challenge.


  1. Brings back great memories of my trip there, although the climb to the top of Gellert Hill in the summer heat was a bit of a killer!


  2. Budapest was one of the places I wanted to go back to this year if I had a chance (mainly to eat more of that delicious pyramis cake), along with Germany at some point in the summer to eat their amazing strawberries (most of my holiday destinations are chosen based on food). I doubt either of those things will be able to happen this summer, but am holding out a bit of hope that at least a driving holiday to somewhere in Britain may be possible, though if museums still won’t be open, there may not be much point. I’m not a nature person, as I’m sure you know!