April Squares: Silver How

Our “top of the world” ramblings have so far taken us to the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, and Hungary. Now it’s time to return to the UK and spend a few days in England’s Lake District. We are regular visitors, and should have been there a few weekends ago had circumstances been normal.

Silver How is a walk we have done often – it can be tackled straight from the front door of our favoured hotel in Grasmere. In fact, the hotel is just visible above as a yellowish building to the left of my right elbow. Here’s John at the summit cairn, and here’s a little more information about the walk: Lake District walks: Silver How.

Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops challenge.


  1. Love the photos of you and John “on top of the world.” Colorado’s high country is for all intents and purposes closed. Those small towns up there just don’t have the medical facilities to deal with Covid-19 cases. All the ski slopes are closed. They’re still getting great snow up there, though. We’ve gotten about 3 inches here at our house and it’s supposed to snow right through tonight and tomorrow. We are still walking in our city parks — observing the 6 feet social distancing and wearing masks. Hope your mother is still doing well. And that you and John are having a good Easter. Stay safe.


    • Thank you Claudia. Much the same here, people are told not to go to the Highlands and Islands and other rural areas. You still get some idiots who think they can take a holiday there though, and it’s easier to keep them off the islands because the ferries can monitor who goes. Mainland rural areas have more of a problem. We can walk locally, though it’s largely urban. The parks, canal towpath, and riverside walkway feel too crowded to me, and the cyclists and joggers are not always considerate. Hope you stay safe too.