April Squares: the Cobbler

The Cobbler, also known as Ben Arthur, is so named because the distinctive rocky summit supposedly emulates the shape of a cobbler leaning over at work. Hmm…

On this walk I didn’t quite make it to the top of the mountain, but you can just see a small figure making an ascent on the right of the rocky outcrop above. Anyway, here am I somewhere on the way up in May 2005. Quite high enough to count as top of the world.

We did a lot of hill-walking in those three months, March-May 2005, then it all abruptly stopped when John put his back out and spent six weeks shuttling back and forth to physiotherapy. This was a disaster, because in mid-July we had an appointment with a very big mountain indeed. We weren’t as fit as we meant to be, but we did it anyway. Find out which mountain it was tomorrow!

Linked to Beck’s #SquareTops challenge.


  1. A cracking hill, better than a lot of much higher summits that are just large doorknobs on remote moors, proving height doesn’t really come into what makes a great peak.


  2. I’m always trying to see shapes of people or animals in rock – and cloud -formations, but I rellay have difficulties in recognizing a cobbler here.


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