1. Not the best example of a game character I can think of but ok for young children. Interesting as it shows how far they have evolved since the 1980s when it was very crude and basic shapes only unless it was laborious hand drawn art in each frame..


  2. Now that is just funny. By the way, I saw a huge Darth Vader blow up beside a house and it was higher than the home. What DarhnVader has to do with Christmas I will never know.


  3. Haha… I remember buying Super Mario for my boys way back when. My daughter and I used to play it after they went to bed and spent many midnight hours trying to complete the levels, but we never did.


  4. Hi Anabel – little did Mario know what he was hop skipping into … I bet he’ll be leaping far and wide this year into 2021 … the windows are fun – stay safe – Hilary


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