Advent Day 23: Silent Night

On Christmas Eve 2019 we took a stroll to the nearby area of Scotstoun to view its Living Advent Calendar. Each evening in December, one more window had been illuminated. On the 24th, we got to see them all.

Number 23 – Silent Night. Glaswegians will recognise the Clydeside skyline.

24 thoughts on “Advent Day 23: Silent Night

  1. Jemima Pett December 23, 2020 / 21:38

    I wasn’t thinking much of it until I saw the skyline at the bottom – very nice!


  2. Heyjude December 23, 2020 / 18:23

    Not the most exciting one. Be good to see them all together at the end of the month.


  3. Birgit December 23, 2020 / 14:38

    Another inventive window. Can’t wait for tomorrow


  4. maristravels December 23, 2020 / 14:35

    This one is very simple, but none the worse for that. I bet you’ll be glad to have a break from posting these every day.


  5. hilarymb December 23, 2020 / 14:31

    Hi Anabel – these have been and are fun to see … I’d actually like to do the walk one year … all the best for now – Hilary


  6. Yeah, Another Blogger December 23, 2020 / 13:47

    I’m curious to learn what window 24 is. Tomorrow I’ll find out. Good series of postings, Anabel.


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