TreeSquare: the tree that never grew

Glasgow city crest on St Mungo Museum of Religion

Becky’s Square Challenge for July is TreeSquare. Although it’s a daily challenge, I shall only drop in occasionally, and am starting off with a little bit of Glasgow history (no surprise there). My square also fits with Jude’s monthly Life in Colour challenge, which for July is blue.

Glasgow’s City Crest, a representation of which is shown above, is based on the miracles of St Mungo, our patron saint and founder. They are:

  • the bird that never flew
  • the tree that never grew
  • the bell that never rang
  • the fish that never swam

What is the the tree that never grew? As a boy in the monastery, Mungo was left in charge of the holy fire in the refectory. He fell asleep and some of the other boys, who were envious of him, put out the fire. When he woke and found what had happened, Mungo broke off some frozen branches from a hazel tree and caused them to burst into flames by praying over them.

Do you believe it? It’s certainly a nice story!


  1. Hi Anabel – St Mungo is an interesting character … and these folk tales could so easily be based on some truth … that City Crest is delightful to see – cheers Hilary
    PS CatLady’s ballad is fun to read …


  2. I have been seeing creative variations on the Treesquare theme, Anabel. I ‘get it’ now on the tree that never grew.’ I believe there is often a glimmer of truth, even in a fiction story.


  3. Reminiscent of the old ballad :

    I gave my love a cherry that had no stone
    I gave my love a chicken that had no bone
    I told my love a story that had no end
    I gave my love a baby with no cryin’

    The next verse asks how these things can be, and the last verse answers that -a cherry when it’s blooming/ a chicken when it’s pippin/the story of I love you/ a baby when it’s sleeping.

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