TreeSquare: trunk calls!

You are rubbish, stay home!

For Becky’s TreeSquare challenge today I am concentrating on trunks, mostly with a message: sometimes not a very friendly one, as seen above on a walk just after last year’s first lockdown, and sometimes more positive such as the tree below by the canal at Claypits.My beloved Suffrage Oak on the Kelvin Way often sports ribbons in the Suffragette colours. It wore the broad band in 2018 for the centenary of the first UK women to get the vote; the narrow ribbons are more recent.

Finally, I love these trunk / fence hybrids, both alongside the River Kelvin within walking distance of my home. I wonder how long the second one will last before it finally rots away?


  1. Hi Anabel – appropriate message though, but yes – the second is better. Fun to see the tree trunks … especially the one growing round the fence. Love the Suffragette Ribbons … cheers Hilary


  2. Like you, I thought the second sign was much nicer! And I’ve never seen a tree trunk grow around a fence before! I’ve seen people build porches around them, but that’s the structure adapting to the tree, not the other way around. Cool pics!


  3. When I saw the post title I immediately thought of elephants, then thought about telephone calls as I trained as a telephonist at the local telephone exchange when I left school. The first message is blunt but sometimes they have to be – I hope it works.

    To be honest I have mixed feelings about people leaving rubbish, especially in the countryside. It’s not nice, it’s an eyesore and could be a danger to some wildlife, and it really annoys me when I see it, but what also annoys me is the lack of bins to put stuff in – in many rural areas around here, especially popular ones, I can walk for miles and never see a bin.


  4. The tree messages are right…both of them. I wish more people wouldn’t throw out their trash. Positive messages are always needed even when covid is not around. I love how trees can grow right in fences. They are so resilient


  5. Trees are so good at telling us things, you can almost imagine them writing the messages! Lovely post – and so impressed at the number of TreeSquares you have prepared 🙂


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