TreeSquare: New England

A bit of a departure for my final foray into Becky’s TreeSquare challenge, with a nostalgic look at a time when foreign travel was something we did. Most of the photographs I’ve shared in the challenge so far have been languishing on my iPad unused, because they’ve never quite fitted into a post before. These two just haven’t been deleted because they make me feel so happy. Both are from our New England trip in 2013, and show Acadia National Park in Maine and Hildene, summer home of Abraham Lincoln’s son, Robert, in Vermont. I would love to be looking at either of those views in real life today! Instead, I am here in Glasgow thanking the wonderful Becky for once again running an excellent challenge. I hope everyone else is enjoying it as much as I am – and if you haven’t joined in yet, there’s still time. It runs till the 31st.


  1. Those rounded hills in the second picture really remind me of the Dods in the Lakes or the Howgills. But with that garden in the foreground it was obvious that’s not where you were!

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  2. I remember thinking during lockdown when I was walking around Drumchapel and my own area that folk with little income would not notice much difference at all to their way of life as they do not travel abroad, do not go to many restaurants, public events, pubs ( cheaper to drink in house) etc unless they lost someone directly to Covid and indeed my own lifestyle and my neighbours hasn’t changed one bit over the last year except wearing a mask in shops:o)

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