Glasgow Gallivanting: August 2021

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

August has been a very busy month in some ways and very quiet in others – I haven’t gallivanted far, just to my usual local haunts, such as the Botanic Gardens (above) which seemed to be turning into Jurassic Park at one point (below).

I continued to look out for all my favourite swan families.

And to spot new (to me) street art.

So that’s the quiet part. And the busy part? Mum has been quite poorly for most of the month (not Covid-related) and has been in hospital for the last two weeks. I visit every day and spotted this new bench at the Royal Alexandra.

I haven’t been writing blog posts, and my blog reading has been sporadic and cursory. I can’t concentrate on reading books at the moment, so some days a series of short blog posts is a perfect distraction. Other days, I just click “Mark all as read” and have done with it. Apologies if your latest masterpiece got caught up in the latter process! I can’t see things changing very much in the next few weeks, but I’ll maybe be able to catch up again at the end of this month. All the best to everyone for September.


  1. Sorry to hear that your mum is still unwell. I hope her stay in hospital is not too long and she can be back home again. Yes it is a worrying time and since Annabell has not been all that good recently, I have some understanding of how you must be feeling. Please give her our love and good wishes – and YOU look after yourself also

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother! Please don’t apologize for not being more present in the blogging world: you’re exactly where you need to be, taking care of your mother. We’ll all be here when you get back. Meanwhile, sending sincere wishes for healing and wholeness for your mom.

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  3. Hi Anabel – I do hope your mother improves … it’s such a trying time being with them as much as possible – having been there I understand. I was grateful to have the blog … which gave me solace – but you have John to be there for you. Difficult times indeed – no worries about us … your mother and you are more important for a while yet. Stay safe and all the very best – and yes I love that bench … the NHS has done so much for us. With thoughts – Hilary

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