Not gallivanting much

September was a silent month as far as blogging was concerned. As in August, my walks were confined to my local area with the canal banks featuring largely. Until Monday 27th, I drove to Paisley every afternoon to visit Mum in hospital. On Tuesday 28th she was discharged into a care home much closer to us: a big change to which we’ll all take time to adapt. For the first two weeks Mum is confined to her room and can only have one designated visitor (me) three times a week. I have to wear both mask and visor which is extremely hot and uncomfortable. I’ll probably go silent again now till my next end of month update, but will try to drop in on you all occasionally. Happy October!


  1. Anabel, sorry to hear about your Mum, though very pleased she is now being cared for close to you both. Enjoy those quiet times to recoup your energy as hopefully you will be once again busy gallivanting around your lovely area.


  2. Hi Anabel – I’ve been thinking about my mother and her time in the Nursing Centre … just so pleased it was during this time – it must be difficult and I’ve been thinking of you. All the best and I do hope things have eased a little for you and your mother. Thanks for your visit. Stay safe – and all the very best – Hilary


    • We have, and are also tested regularly, though that’s not a full guarantee against the virus. It’s so strict because mum came out of hospital: I don’t blame them for being cautious because so many untested patients were discharged into care homes at the beginning of the pandemic and there were many deaths.


  3. Thanks for the update Anabel; many of us having been thinking of you and wondering how your mum was. May she improve quickly! Good luck with the miserable mask and visor–such a challenge to have added on. Sending good thoughts your way. . .


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