Not gallivanting much

September was a silent month as far as blogging was concerned. As in August, my walks were confined to my local area with the canal banks featuring largely. Until Monday 27th, I drove to Paisley every afternoon to visit Mum in hospital. On Tuesday 28th she was discharged into a care home much closer to us: a big change to which we’ll all take time to adapt. For the first two weeks Mum is confined to her room and can only have one designated visitor (me) three times a week. I have to wear both mask and visor which is extremely hot and uncomfortable. I’ll probably go silent again now till my next end of month update, but will try to drop in on you all occasionally. Happy October!


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother! Just take care of her, and yourself, as much as you are able to. Your blogging friends will still be here when you have time for us…trust me on that. Meanwhile, sending good thoughts your way!


  2. I’m so sorry to hear your mum has been in hospital. What a horrible time for that. I hope she is settling in to her new home and that the move will make life easier and better for you all.


  3. So sorry to hear your mum hasn’t been well Anabel – it must have been a very difficult time for you. Do hope things settle down for you soon, as best as these things can. It will be a big change for you all. Sending love and best wishes X


  4. Goodness what a trial for you both. I hope this settles into something you’re both comfortable with and you can both enjoy your mum’s company rather than feel like a one woman fish tank and get in some fresh air. Love to you all. G


  5. Hope your Mum settles into her new home ok. It is such a change and challenge, made more difficult with covid, restricted visitor, masks etc. Glad to hear that she is now closer to you. Thinking of you all. Take care x


  6. You have much more to deal with than thinking about your next blog post, that’s for sure. I hope your Mum copes well with the change and also that it might be a little easier for you if she’s closer. Sending best wishes and love from all the way over here.


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