A postcard from Oban

Here’s another from my mother’s collection of old postcards, this time from 1952. It caught my eye when we were clearing her house before Christmas because I knew we were going to Oban very shortly, and I decided to make it our mission to capture the same scene. The Corran Esplanade hasn’t changed much in 50 years, has it?

For completeness, here’s the other side of the card. Miss C. Stroud is Mum, but who was Nellie? I don’t know. Nor do I know why she seems to be a stranger to punctuation, or why a card from Oban, Argyll, was posted in Dunblane, Perthshire, or whether Mum paid the tuppenny surcharge because the card only had a penny stamp. If she was here I could ask her those questions, but now I’ll never find out.

And why were we in Oban? That I can answer! When Mum died in October, we decided that the best way to handle Christmas was to get away from it all, which we did – very successfully – in a beautiful cottage in Connel about five miles to its north. Much more on all that when I get my blogging mojo back properly. It’s still a bit weak at the moment! I hope 2022 is going well for you so far.


  1. It’s heartening how little has changed, I think too much is swept away sometimes in the name of progress. Maybe Nellie was a bit slap dash, forgot to post the card in Oban but still wanted to send it? Old postcards are great fuel for the imagination!


  2. So interesting to find these special postcards Anabel. I have been to Oban once when I was 17 – my family met me there as they were staying on a holiday cottage in Mull. I had been to France on a month’s exchange trip and was none too happy to leave as I had left my French boyfriend of the time behind. Seems like a lifetime ago! I think I would appreciate Oban and Mull far more nowadays 🙂