Square Odds: sitting on the fence

Going bananas!

The lovely Becky is running another Square Challenge throughout February, and her theme this month is odd. Basically nearly anything goes: odd includes odd numbers, odd balls, the exceptions, follies, and even odds and ends. Just remember to keep your photographs square and use the tag SquareOdds.

It’s a daily challenge, but I tend just to drop in occasionally and here is my first guest appearance! When I’m taking walks around my local area I try to enliven the routes by looking for quirky – or odd – things to photograph. This was particularly the case during lockdown, but predates it. My feature image is from a walk in April 2019 when I challenged myself to find as many different patterns of iron railings as I could. At Glasgow University I noticed a series of impaled bananas – how odd! A student prank – who knows? Anyway, it has left me with a slight obsession with fences, and it’s amazing how often I find odd things sitting on them or attached to them. Here are a few more.

You could call this a fence collective! Fence Collective was (until 2013) the name of a group of musicians affiliated to Fence, a record label based in Fife. Perhaps the best known artist to emerge from the group is KT Tunstall, but I’m offering you a track from founder Kenny Anderson who performs as King Creosote. Here’s Something to believe in from the beautiful album and film From Scotland with love, accompanied by some vintage footage of Scotland, mainly, but not exclusively, Glasgow. Enjoy!


  1. “Something to believe in” is a pretty song, one I didn’t know. I pulled up the lyrics online because I couldn’t make out all the words.

    The “Square Odds” in your post’s title made me think of numbers like 25 (5 squared), 49 (7 squared), and 81 (9 squared).