Square Odds: pet project

Slow cats

For my second foray into Becky’s Square Odds challenge I’ve dredged up some pet-related oddities. Odd signs, odd puns, and a very odd orange fence which I always think looks like a row of surprised cats. Do you agree?

By the way, Eilean Fraoich means Heather Isle in Gaelic. Here it’s a house name, but it’s also a song. I had planned to include some music from the Pet Shop Boys, or possibly from the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, but have decided to go with Eilean Fraoich instead. This version is accompanied by some beautiful scenery from the Isle of Lewis where we are off to this summer. Can hardly wait!


  1. Hi Anabel – the Slow Crossing is wonderful to see – brilliant idea. Your selection of the Isle of Lewis music is a delight to listen to and to see the scenery … it’ll be a great holiday – cheers Hilary


  2. Isn’t it lovely to have a holiday to look forward to. And yours will be beautiful judging by that glorious scenery. I do love the orange fence. That’s a bit of fun. And I’m glad there is an exclamation mark after the word slow in that first sign. We saw a sign in a caravan park once which read “Slow children crossing”
    It’s all about the punctuation. 🙂


  3. Loved the music and have just sent it to my friend who is rediscovering her Scottish roots and spent two weeks in Scotland learning Gaelic last year and is studying furiously still.