Square Odds and Ends

For my last attempt at Becky’s Square Odds February challenge here are some true odds and ends – random photographs which have been lurking in my files and which I’m not sure I’ll ever find any other use for. For example, an abandoned piano on our street corner? Why? No idea, and it was gone the next day.

Similarly, I have no idea what this rock is expressing disbelief in. It sits in the basement area of a tenement in North Kelvinside.

This hidden face is in a wall on another North Kelvinside street which we’ve tramped many times during the various lockdowns, but only noticed recently.

And finally, where is this place called Ignore SatNav? We’ve never found it yet!

Who better to sing us out than the great Bob Dylan? Though when he says Odds and ends, odds and ends, lost time is not found again be assured I never regard time spent with my blogging friends as lost!


  1. I like the face! I keep finding random furniture abandoned on the pavement on the hill I walk up to get to work, which is just irresponsible as it’s next to a busy road and the stuff sits there a hell of a lot longer than a day. There was an office chair there for ages, which finally disappeared only to be replaced by a TV stand a few days later. That went, and a whole bloody futon appeared, which was really hazardous! Waiting to see what pops up next, but I’m sure it won’t be as exciting as a piano.


    • Bizarre! I have seen abandoned mattresses and such like, but never a piano before. Someone earlier suggested it might have been left out for the council to collect, but in that case it would probably have been next to a house / flat and not unattended on a street corner. Unless it had rolled down the hill!

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  2. Poor piano….nowadays people can’t sell them or even give them away. My hubby may have taken it for the wood. That grey painted rock is interesting and love the wildman in the stone. When you find this place, you will have to showcase it. Good song by Dylan.


  3. That’s one thing about a digital camera. Although it takes quality shots most folk will have thousands on their computer or phone they will never use. I’ve taken up train travel again recently so the mountain of spare shots I’ll not use but can’t bring myself to throw away will only increase. 500 in one day today which I’ll whittle down to 20 or so :), As addictions go it’s a fairly harmless one and it does give me at least a sense of purpose to any walk.


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