Border Break 4: Tweed and Teviot

River Tweed near St Boswells

Several of the walks we took on our Borders break last year were along the banks of the rivers Tweed and Teviot.

St Boswells and the Tweed

This circular walk took us along both sides of the Tweed, crossing at Mertoun Bridge and crossing back at the pedestrian suspension bridge at Dryburgh. We circumnavigated the grounds of Dryburgh Abbey but, as I said in an earlier post, all the Borders abbeys were closed for maintenance at the time. Because there are so many trees, we couldn’t even glimpse the abbey from either bank.

Melrose and Abbotsford

Another circular walk along the Tweed between Melrose and Abbotsford, both of which featured in earlier posts. Here are a few of the riverside views.

Kelso and Roxburgh

Once again, a circular riverside walk, though this time the river is the Teviot. Starting in Kelso, the confluence of the Tweed and the Teviot, we followed the latter past the ruins of Roxburgh Castle, built by King David I sometime in the 1120s. Reaching the village of Roxburgh, we crossed the river on an old railway viaduct then followed the line back to Kelso. Along the way, we got glimpses of Floors Castle and the striking white farmhouse, Maisondieu, once a medieval hospice.

I’m linking this post to Jo’s Monday Walks. In my final Borders instalment, after a break for my end-of-month gallivanting post, there will be more walks, this time of a monumental nature.


  1. Anabel, this was such a green and beautiful walk. That is quite a magnificent suspension bridge. Your rivers and architecture are so beautiful and different than what we have in AZ. It’s like taking a mini-vacation to walk with you. πŸ™‚


      • When we lived in Indiana, we had an abundance of both, green and trees and rain. I loved the rain, trees and green and hated the mugginess. Portland, Oregon was a good intermediary – lots of green and trees and rain, but it was cold and summers were mild and dry. Until recently when the summers have turned into monsters. I hope Glasgow stays moist and beautiful. I love all the pictures from there.

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  2. It’s so green and lush. Beautiful! It always interests me to see place names which we have here as well. I suppose people who came here named their settlements after their original homes. There is a Tweed River just over the border in New South Wales and the city of Tweed Heads is located where it flows into the sea.


  3. Always adds a bit of interest when you have water to walk beside. Watched several films over the years set in small rural USA towns (Mud being one) where the drab flat inland location was completely transformed by a mile wide river beside them with islands, sandbars, gorges, woods, swamps, river traffic, paddle steamers etc. Any town or village with a river beside it has an extra scenic attraction.


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