Wester Dun

Wester Dun Cottage

In April we spent a week in Wester Dun Cottage, near Montrose on the east coast in Angus. Wester Dun itself (in the gallery below) is a former manse, and the cottage at the end of the drive would once have housed servants. There is still a bell in the hall, and I imagine the minister deciding to go out and ringing for the gardener, or whoever the occupant was, to come out to open the gates for him. That was my job during our stay. I know my place.

Our nearest neighbour was the rather grander House of Dun, an 18th century mansion once home to the Erskine family but now a National Trust property. We visited the house one morning as paying customers, but were free to roam the grounds at any time.

As well as the house, there was the ruin of the original 14th century Dun Castle (ruin perhaps exaggerates – it was one archway), an old mausoleum, and family graves to explore.

From the highest point in the grounds we had views over Montrose Basin.

And on the other side of the road was the church, no longer in use and since sold. We saw another church nearby which had been converted to a beautiful house, and I expect the same will happen to this one. As usual, the graveyard tells a sad tale of infant mortality.

This was a lovely place to spend a week. There will be more on the House of Dun, Montrose Basin, and all the other places we visited in future posts.


  1. Funnily enough I’ve always fancied exploring Montrose Basin at low tide but I’ve only been up there on a few occasions with friends so hill-walking was the main objective. Got £20 worth of petrol today for only 11 litres of fuel. Traveling any distance is not cheap nowadays as that £20 might get me to Largs and back if I’m lucky. I remember touring the entire Scottish Highlands over a weeks driving holiday in the far north for that same £20 a few decades ago.


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