WalkingSquares: Burgh House

Burgh House, Hampstead

Taken on a wander through Hampstead before meeting John’s sister and her husband for lunch. Burgh House was built in 1704 and now houses a local history museum. Unfortunately, that wasn’t open the day we were there, but the café was, so it made a good coffee stop. We even sat outside – in November! You can see the awning to the left of the house – and here we are under it. We’re even squared for Becky’s WalkingSquares.


  1. A very attractive house and garden and the autumn colours are lovely. You wouldn’t have been able to have your coffee outside round here though, we’ve had nothing but rain since before Hallowe’en 😦


  2. I live nearby and have enjoyed the cafe on various occasions , both for coffee / tea break and lunch . It’s a lovely old place, food and drinks are nice. I would say the price is average for the area (which is generally not cheap). The garden is very pleasant and one can sit outside most of the year – I believe they also provide lap blankets . I visited the museum once – it was nice although not amazing . They have a little shop too.
    There are other interesting historic places where it’s possible to enjoy a nice coffee and refreshments – Kenwood House , Lauderdale House – I’m sure I’m forgetting some 😉
    Glad you had a pleasant time 🙂


  3. Hi Anabel – what a pity the Museum was closed … Helen Allingham’s art looks fascinating. But a warm November – you’re right there … and how lovely you had lunch with John’s sister and her husband and time to catch up – cheers Hilary


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