WalkingSquares: swans

I always look out for the swans on my walks along the canal. This pair of cygnets still have a few stubby, brown feathers but are turning rapidly white. They were more interested in feeding than posing for the camera, so I couldn’t get them both with their heads up at once. Further along, Mum and Dad were more cooperative, even if they did have their backs to me.

Linked to Becky’s WalkingSquares.


  1. They’re nearly adults. Last week we were in Ballarat in Victoria. Australian black swans live there in abundance around Lake Wendouree. We saw lots of half grown cygnets but instead of being white like yours, these were grey. And I’m interested to read Becky’s comment about swans being untrustworthy. The black swans can be quite aggressive. We don’t go too close.


  2. I love swans, I think they are really elegant creatures. I’ve got some in my latest blog post, I had to wait ages for them all to get their heads up at the right time 🙂


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