WalkingSquares: up Doon Hill

Offerings to the fairies on the top of Doon Hill

I can’t keep showing you the canal, so I had a scroll through my iPad to look for some unused walks. This one is from November last year and I probably never wrote it up before because a) Doon Hill has featured two or three times already and b) it was not long after Mum died when I had other things on my mind. Doon Hill is near Aberfoyle and is allegedly the home of the fairies. If you want to know why, check out one of the earlier posts which I’m sure the WordPress algorithm will serve up below this one. New this time was the cute little cyclist on the way up, part of Aberfoyle’s scarecrow competition. Here he is with some more fairy offerings.

Linked to Becky’s WalkingSquares, and I also might get away with Jo’s Monday Walks.


  1. Coming from Ireland I have a great respect for the fairies! One of my uncles had a field in which there was a fairy-tree and although this was in the way of it being properly ploughed and used, it could never be cut down. It’s still there as even his son who inherited it won’t cut it down. One never knows!!


  2. Looking at current events and current governments, I think that leaving a little something for the Fairies is not a bad idea. I’m willing to give the fairies a fair chance at this point!

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