WalkingSquares: Gerda

Speirs Wharf

On Sunday we walked into town along the Glasgow branch of the canal. It ends at Speirs Wharf where several houseboats are berthed including this one – Gerda. Scots may already have got the pun, and any who haven’t should take a closer look at the orange and blue colouring and the logo. Familiar?

For everyone else, here’s a hint – our other national drink is Irn Bru, which is made in Scotland from girders. Yes, really. This 1980s advert, which I remember well, explains all.

Today is the last day of Becky’s WalkingSquares. I hope I’ve ended by giving you a smile!


  1. I got it straight away 🙂 Back in the 70s I liked Irn Bru – an acquired taste I think – but haven’t had it since then. I’m not familiar with the advert though, I remember the 70s one better.


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