One Word Sunday: Yellow

The Annexe Healthy Living Centre, Partick

Debbie’s One Word Sunday today is Yellow. In it, she features a piece of Glasgow street art which I have not seen before and now plan to look out for. She has also inspired me to do my own Yellow post, starting with the splendid yellow entrance to The Annexe in Partick – the mosaic two to the right from the door is a yellow sunflower, so double whammy there. A couple more yellow doors from Glasgow’s West End:

Some Glasgow street art:

Those who read my March Gallivanting post might remember the Glasgow Penguins. Mama Penguin must have very green fingers to have grown a beautiful yellow sunflower this early in the year! Here she is with some genuine spring flowers:

Lastly, our recent trip to Amsterdam yielded some good splashes of yellow:

Happy Easter Sunday!


  1. Some great yellows, Annabel. I’d have thought these and tulips for Amsterdam so you surprised me with such variety.
    And the emotion street art was a fun mural I saw on my recent trip. 🙂


  2. I always think yellow is such a happy colour. I like the clogs and the Ruthven Lane street art and love that the penguins live in a wall by the river – I’m sure someone could write a children’s story about them 🙂


    • P.S – I don’t know if you ever read The Unlikely Pilgrimage Of Harold Fry after I reviewed it on my blog three years back but if you’re interested it has now been made into a film which hits the cinemas on April 28th. Apparently filmed in the locations mentioned in the book, if it follows the story properly it should be a good film 🙂


      • I haven’t, it’s still on my list along with many, many others! I don’t know why not because I’ve read another Rachel Joyce, The Music Shop, and enjoyed it. I saw someone else recommend Harold Fry recently, can’t remember who, but they didn’t mention the film. I’ve just looked it up – Jim Broadbent and Penelope Wilton, great cast, you are right, should be good.


  3. I liked all the interesting yellow photographs but I have to say that I am astonished in that I never knew penguins had such gardening skills. I would offer mama penguin a job but the heat here would probably be too much for her – 43c is sometimes too much for me!


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