Keukenhof part 4: the park

Our visit to Keukenhof is almost two months ago now, I’m very behind with posting. As I mentioned before, the weather was incredibly cold for April, so we didn’t wander around the park as much as we might have done. However, what we did see was interesting – lots of quirky little gardens and sculptures. Any pictures of carpets of flowers have been very artfully taken to hide the fact that there actually weren’t many blooming yet!

Keukenhof part 3: the UK theme

Keukenhof’s theme this year was the UK: Land of Great Gardens. The Juliana Pavilion had an exhibition from the Royal Horticultural Society and the Oranje Nassau Pavilion was meant to have a flower-mosaic of Big Ben and Tower Bridge outside – again, the weather had wreaked havoc with this. Inside, its idea of the UK seemed rather London-centric, but the gerberas were lovely. We chose not to investigate the restaurant with its “typical British” style.

Keukenhof part 2: the bulbs

I mentioned in my previous post that the bulbs in the fields and the park were sadly lacking because of the cold spring, but the Willem-Alexander Pavilion was dazzling: mainly daffodils and tulips, but a few other types of bulb flower as well. We spent ages in here and were just blown away by all the different colours. Here’s a flavour:

In other news, this is my 100th post on this blog. Woohoo!

The orchids of Keukenhof

Keukenhof is a park amongst the bulb fields near Amsterdam which puts on a lovely display each Spring – well, except this one! We have been before at this time of year, and it has been beautiful, but this year’s cold weather has certainly inhibited growth, and I really worry for the fate of some of the bulb farmers because I couldn’t even see shoots in some of the fields. Despite the bitter cold, we decided to visit anyway because the hothouses wouldn’t be affected, and we still had a wonderful day, coming away with about 200 photos, so there will be several posts. This one covers the Beatrix Pavilion which housed the orchid show – absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the photos!

NB The best way to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam is to buy an all-inclusive ticket from the Tourist Office (there was one in Leidseplein near where we were staying) which covers the entrance fee plus fares for a bus to Schipol and then one directly to the park.