January Light: cupolas

The cupola above adorns Holmwood House in Glasgow’s South Side. Now in the care of the National Trust for Scotland, Holmwood is a unique villa designed by Glasgow’s second most famous architect, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson, and built in 1857-8 for James Couper, a local businessman. Its skylight is perfect for Becky’s January Squares Challenge – words ending in light.

I originally intended to use the cupola from Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art, this part of which was built in 1778 as the townhouse of William Cunninghame, a wealthy Glasgow Tobacco Lord who made his fortune through the triangular slave trade. However, I showed it to Becky on her recent visit and she got in first by including it in the challenge herself! But what the heck – here it is as a bonus skylight.

January Light: Kelvin bridges

Today’s theme is lamplight, specifically on bridges over Glasgow’s River Kelvin. Above is one of the lamps from Kirklee Bridge. Below are two views of Kelvinbridge, in daylight and at twilight.

Finally, the most ornate bridge is probably the one on the Kelvin Way near Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. Some additional streetlight on show here too.

Linked to Becky’s January Squares challenge – words ending in light.

PS Apologies to anyone disappointed because they thought my title was Kevin Bridges 😉.

January Light: Stirling Castle

A duo of square skies seen from Stirling Castle – late afternoon and early evening sunlight. Inside the castle, there was plenty of candlelight and firelight – both artificial, but still square.

Linked to Becky’s January Squares Challenge – words ending in light.


January Light: City Halls

In Glasgow, the City Halls contain a number of concert venues rather than the seat of municipal government – that’s the City Chambers. The grand hall, above, opened in 1841 and was extensively renovated about 15 years ago. The beautiful chandeliers supply roof-light, there’s some spotlight, and also a bit of projected-light on the back wall showing the orchestra’s name. On this occasion, we were awaiting the delight of a performance of Mozart’s Requiem. Linked to Becky’s January Squares challenge – words ending in light.

January Light: Campbeltown

A shot from Campbeltown in November 2018. We arrived as the day faded to twilight and the buildings, including this clock-tower, were illuminated by spotlights. Linked to Becky’s current square challenge #JanuaryLight, but I confess I originally took this for her December 2018 challenge, #TimesSquare, which I failed to enter. Just shows nothing is ever wasted!

January Light: Provosts’ lamps

lamplight trio of squares today. The residence of the Provost (Mayor), or Lord Provost, used to be denoted by a special decorative streetlight in Scottish towns and cities. Many still exist. The daylight example above is from Lanark, the twilight shot is from Broughty Ferry near Dundee, and the lamp taken in darkness is from Glasgow. Linked to Becky’s January Squares Challenge – words ending in light.