From our cycling correspondent

In June last year, towards the end of the first lockdown, John decided to buy an e-bike. This was easier said than done, because many other people made the same decision and bikes of all types became hard to get, but eventually he succeeded and has become a very keen cyclist. The bike has had its picture taken in many locations.

He has established some standard routes and sees some quirky things. This is Bowling, the western end of the Forth and Clyde Canal. The crew of the blue boat has been there rather too long I think!

A route to Clydebank takes him past Tom MacKendrick’s Beardmore Sculpture (built on the site of the Beardmore Naval Construction Works, established in 1906 and closed in 1930) and the Drop Lock, both at Dalmuir.

A trip along the Clyde to the Erskine Bridge takes him past the Renfrew Ferry which links Renfrew on the southern bank to Yoker in Glasgow.

There are some interesting sights on the way out to Kilmacolm, including a Roman Legion.

And last, but not least, some beautiful views.

Though not quite last – this year John has added an e-mountain bike to his collection.

And he has gone on a cycling holiday! More on that to come. And just to prove that I too was once a cyclist, here’s a horribly blurry scan of an old slide c 1983.


  1. It looks like he’s had some good adventures. And great photo of you two! I keep thinking I need to get a bike – thanks to the way the transport network is structured on this side of London, it would be so much faster to cycle to most places in west and southwest London than to take public transport, but I’m absolutely terrified of cycling on the roads here, so I still remain bikeless.

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  2. oh wow he has been having a fabulous time, and so fortunate that your cycling correspondent is also the lead photographer!! What great shots – are you tempted in the slightest to join him?!!

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  3. Excellent photographs – you certainly got around. I bought a bike years ago and I used it for a long while – but a busted right knee put an end to that. I still have it – currently gathering dust in the garage. Perhaps one day — you never know! Liked the 1983 photograph. Only once did I have a beard ( no photographs exist thankfully) I had been overseas for three months and never shaved the whole time I was away. Annabell did not like it…

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  4. I wish we had more quiet roads around here. I would do more bike riding. Too many highways and too much traffic on other roads. But we host travelling cyclists through a group called Warmshowers. None recently though. No one is coming to Australia, sadly.

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