Square Odds and Ends

For my last attempt at Becky’s Square Odds February challenge here are some true odds and ends – random photographs which have been lurking in my files and which I’m not sure I’ll ever find any other use for. For example, an abandoned piano on our street corner? Why? No idea, and it was gone the next day.

Similarly, I have no idea what this rock is expressing disbelief in. It sits in the basement area of a tenement in North Kelvinside.

This hidden face is in a wall on another North Kelvinside street which we’ve tramped many times during the various lockdowns, but only noticed recently.

And finally, where is this place called Ignore SatNav? We’ve never found it yet!

Who better to sing us out than the great Bob Dylan? Though when he says Odds and ends, odds and ends, lost time is not found again be assured I never regard time spent with my blogging friends as lost!


  1. My parents are buried in a woodland graveyard that’s ignore satnav. When we were given the details for dad’s funeral to send out we were warned not to include the postcode because satnav sent you to the next door farm. Mourners would end up climbing a fence and crossing ploughed fields. My brother and I were tempted. Dad’s friends would have seen it as one final joke. His elderly relatives less so.