WalkingSquares: from Southwark Bridge

View from Southwark Bridge
Our time away last week was in London. It was a working visit for John, but uncertainty over travel caused by on-off rail strikes meant that some of his meetings were cancelled. On Wednesday, he was able to join me for a long wander in search of one of my historical heroes, Samuel Pepys. Here, we are crossing the Thames to the Anchor, a tavern on Bankside from which Pepys allegedly watched the Great Fire of London in 1666. I say allegedly, because we came across another location which made the same claim! I hope to write this whole walk up sometime: for now I’m linking to Becky’s Walking Squares.


  1. I love all your old and new quirky buildings. I think London has the most interesting skyline of all the big cities in the world. It was nice John could join you on your quest!


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