Callaway Gardens

Our fifth annual North American road tour has begun! Since 2007 we have visited the Canadian Rockies, Virginia, Arizona and Utah. This year, I will add 4 states to my tally: Georgia, both Carolinas and Tennessee. We started with a very long journey on Sunday, 10th July, then, after a night in one of the hotels at Atlanta Airport, we picked up our car en route to our first port of call, Macon, Georgia. On the way though, we stopped off to visit Callaway Gardens, a 14000 acre site created in the 1930s. It was really beautiful and we wished we’d had time to do more there. The pictures are of hibiscus in the horticultural centre, the garden’s signature flower, the plumleaf azalea, and the butterfly house.






  1. ooh I am the first one to come and enjoy this one. Amazing to think you were going annually to the USA when we were too! I wonder if either of us will get back?