There’s gold in them thar hills – Dahlonega

Well, contrary to expectations, we had a lovely day and reached the airport with no stress at all. We’ve said a sad goodbye to our trusty jeep which has got us about the place for three weeks:


Now we are in the lounge waiting for our flight and I’ve copied and pasted my diary into this blog. On our way down this morning, we stopped for a short hike (2 miles) at Desoto Falls:


We then had lunch in a lovely place called Dahlonega. It was the most successful gold mining town in Georgia in the 19th century, but is now set up for tourism – though in a much more tasteful way than Alpine Helen. All the old buildings round the main square have been turned into shops or restaurants – we ate on the balcony of the Bourbon Street Grill, a little piece of New Orleans in Georgia.


The old courthouse in the middle of the square has been turned into an interesting little museum about gold mining, which we enjoyed.


So now we have two flights to go and then we’ll be home. Time to start planning the next trip.


  1. crikey so different to mining towns in Nevada – this looks civilised!!

    Thank you so much for encouraging to look back through the archives with you, a wonderful way to celebrate your 10th anniversary. here’s to the next 10 years of blogging and exploring