Journey’s end

In 1993 my mother-in-law bought a new car, a VW Polo, and then died very suddenly a month or so later. It seemed sensible to keep it, given the instant depreciation in value a new car has when it leaves the showroom, so we did. Now, I’m not interested in cars and I don’t like driving much – a car is just a box to get me from A to B with as little trouble as possible. However, I have taken a sort of inverse pride in this old Polo which has kept going for 19 years, has only broken down on me once and hardly ever needed anything major done to pass its MOT. For most of its life it has been a second car, so it also has the incredibly low mileage for its age of 71000. Despite all that, today I waved it off, with a tear in my eye, to the car breakers. My Dad has recently given up driving and I have taken over his car, which has 4 doors and is therefore easier to get elderly passengers in and out of, and the Polo is now surplus to requirements.

My original plan was to use a company which collected old cars for scrap and donated the proceeds to the charity of your choice. Because it was close to International Book Giving Day, I selected Book Aid International. However, the pick up arrangements proved problematic, and in the end I used a local firm and donated the proceeds (such as they were) to the charity direct. Here’s the poor old car just before it went – at least, being in full working order, it was driven away and didn’t have to suffer the final indignity of being towed.


I have to say well done Volkswagen. They certainly knew what they were doing when they made this one.


  1. Thanks for sharing this story, Anabel. Getting rid of a car that is no longer being driven can be tough. I am glad that International Book Giving Day inspired a donation to such a good cause.


  2. What a lovely trail of a tale – from your Mum, your journeys in the car, and now all of that being transformed into books for eager readers. I’m so glad that it all came together on International Book Giving Day – thank you very much for taking part.