Glasgow Orchid Fair


This weekend sees the 15th Glasgow Orchid Fair which takes place in the Kibble Palace (above) at the Botanic Gardens. We visited this morning, and it’s on again tomorrow if you want to see it (entrance is free). Dealers from all over the country come to sell their wares but, as we don’t have a good record when it comes to green fingers, we just looked and took photographs:








The Botanics themselves looked very colourful too with the Spring planting:


Afterwards, we had lunch in Oran Mor, the bar / restaurant / concert venue at the top of Byres Road. The burgers (both veggie and non-veggie) are recommended. We were joined for beers (their own brew) by a friend from Edinburgh, Lynn Corrigan, who was over from Edinburgh to see the orchids too. Although Lynn is a librarian, we work in different fields and I might never have met her if not for Twitter. Never let it be said that virtual social networks get in the way of “real-life” ones. In my view they expand the potential for meeting new people. As they say on Twitter – #win!

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