Sandymount Cemetery Heritage Trail


A couple of months ago, I wrote about our visit to the Glasgow Necropolis. It’s the most famous, but not the only, Glasgow cemetery with a heritage trail and we recently visited another, Sandymount. We followed the City Council’s trail, or attempted to, but although full of very interesting information, it wasn’t straightforward. There were no directions for finding your way between monuments and not all had pictures for identification. It was moderately easy to locate the older graves because they were large (see above) but the twentieth century headstones were smaller, all looked similar and often the dots on the map bore no relation to their actual location. However, the place is well cared for, despite the fallen stones. Even though it was a Sunday afternoon when we visited, there was a team of workmen out doing maintenance, one of whom was very helpful when we were looking particularly bemused at the vagaries of the trail.

It’s definitely worth a visit. Highlights include seeing how the trees have grown since the grave originated:


The Jewish section:


The Muslim section:


I recommend allowing serendipity to take over and not worrying too much about identifying everything on the trail.